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Sports Photo Gallery featuring NFL Football, Pro Soccer, Baseball, and More. Plus a Little Rock 'n' Roll & Other Fun Stuff !!

Singer, songwriter, raconteur J. Fred Knobloch - Tiger Stadium (Detroit) June 5, 1999

Welcome to TexasLeaguer.com

Coming Soon!!  Old Time Baseball from Birmingham's Historic Rickwood Field, Kiddie and Pro Soccer, SEC and AAA Baseball and More.  Visit Often !!

In baseball terminology, a "Texas leaguer" is a fair fly ball that is hit just hard enough to elude the infielders, but not hard enough to be playable by the outfielders. Even so, if it  drives in the winning run, it will look like a line drive in tomorrow's box scores.

Thus is the concept behind TexasLeaguer.com. This site is almost exclusively devoted to sports photography. However, you will also find photos from other genres, because the ultimate goal is for you, my friends and guests, to be entertained and to have fun!

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. If you enjoy your visit to TexasLeaguer.com, please bookmark the site and tell your friends. Content will be changing frequently, so ya'll come back soon now, you hear?

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